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Nice and simple

Simple game with touchy cards - a little difficult to move parts of piles.

Pretty good

The game is pretty good

As always a fun, basic game

User friendly and a staple in my game cupboard!



Solitaire app

This app is amazing


COC Cheat.


When I have nothing to do this is the game I go to

Great app

Easy to use. Really enjoy it. Play it all the time.


The main problem I can see is the PPP up ads are distracting might have to delete app in near future

Game A++

Love this game cant stop playing


I love this game. It is handy to play while waiting in lines, at doctors offices, and when TV is not holding my attention, any other time my phone is in my hand and there is no call or text to attend to.

Mind exercise

Keeps you on your toes....trying to beat the clock..lots of fun

Just started

I have only played for couple of days not sure I like it yet. But its good.

Solitaire in its original form

Simple, easy to use and always a classic. I love solitaire and this app does it justice!

Fun game

Love to play this fun game.

Great game easy to use app

Card movement is easily and quickly managed. I like the auto win function very much

Pretty good app

Good app.

Harpon Solitare

I can spend lots of down time playing this game. I like it lots!

Almost retired

Fun game, easily understood. Addictive!

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